Is this just my ultimate fantasy or is it yours too?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Chapter 6

When I opened my eyes again, a peek of sunlight was filtering through the small gap in the curtain. I sighed, morning had come and this Cinderella story was at its end. I was again in the middle; Richie curled up behind me and Jon along side me. I looked at both of them, kissing each gently before carefully easing my way out of the bed. I searched out my clothes and snuck quietly into the bathroom. Having no toothbrush I made do with the small bottle of mouthwash I found next to the sink. I risked a glance in the mirror, my hair was in wild disarray and my lips were still slightly swollen from all activity of the night before.

I stepped into the shower, groaning as the hot water poured over my tired and oh so pleasantly abused body. I leaned forward, placing my hands on the wall and letting the water pound down onto my shoulders when I felt someone step in behind me. “Are you all right darlin’?” I stood and slicked my hair back before turning around. “I’m fine Richie. What are you doing awake?”

He smiled slightly, “I heard the shower and you were gone from the bed. Waking up to Jon’s ugly mug was not how I wanted to start my day.” He tugged me to him and hugged me close, kissing my head. “Let me help you?” I nodded my head against his chest, “okay.” He pressed me away from him before reaching for the shampoo, “it’s not girly but it will do the job.” I just smiled tiredly, “that’s fine.”

He gently washed my hair and then, soaping his hands, he gently washed me. I gasped when his hand moved between my legs. I was still so sensitive it was almost painful. “Are you sure we didn’t hurt you Stacey darlin’?” I nodded, “I’m sure. I’m just a bit sensitive still.” There was something so sweet in his gestures my heart tripped a little. I closed my eyes. "Richie?” At the sound of the question in my voice Richie stopped his hands, “what darlin’?” I sighed, “my name’s not Stacey.” His soapy hands slid down my legs before moving me under the spray of the water to rinse me off, “I know.” I ducked my head under the spray as I sputtered, “you know? How do you know?”

He chuckled, “the hesitation when you started to say your name last night back the venue. I knew you weren’t being honest. Care to tell me what it really is?” He stepped under the spray of the water and all I could do was watch, watch as the water coursed across his hard tanned chest, ran in rivulets down his stomach, over his impressive cock, down his long legs. I felt myself reacting and as much as my body wanted more, I knew if anything happened this morning, it wouldn’t be like it had been.

When I brought my eyes back to his face he was smirking, “enjoying the show?” I felt the heat rise up my face, “absolutely.” He washed quickly and shut the water off, “you didn’t answer my other question. Are you going to tell me your real name?” I stepped out and grabbed two towels, handing one over my shoulder to him, “it’s Stephanie.” I watched in the mirror as he stepped out behind and me and we dried ourselves off. “Now Stephanie is a beautiful name darlin’, why would you lie about it?” I wrapped my towel around me and sat on the commode. “It’s not that I don’t like my name, it’s just that it is also Jon’s daughter’s name and I didn’t want him to get weird about it.” Richie nodded thoughtfully, “I guess I can understand where you’re coming from, especially after last night.”

We finished and he went to find some clothes as I got dressed. I pulled my jeans on, deciding that my g-string was better off in my purse. I had just adjusted my bra and was shaking out my shirt when Richie poked his head back through the door, “here, you can wear this.” He handed me his shirt from the night before. “It’s not nearly as wrinkled.” I started to protest but he stopped me, “It’s the least I can do after all you gave us last night.” I took the shirt, “thanks.” He disappeared again and I could smell the faint aroma of coffee.

I bundled my towel-dried hair up on top of my head and buttoned Richie’s shirt before heading out to the living area. I paused by the bed where Jon was still sleeping. I ran my fingers lightly across his upper back and pressed a kiss to his cheek before I left the room.

I found Richie sitting at the table near the window, the sunlight streaming in, enhancing the golden red tones in his hair. I sat across from him and picked up the coffee he had poured. He watched as I added sugar, not blinking an eye when I added the third spoonful. I shrugged, “I like it dark and sweet.” He just smiled, “me too.” I nodded, “I know.” He shook his head, “I forget, you fans know everything.” I smiled, “this one knows a bit more than others now I think.” He laughed, “absolutely. Come over here.”

I went around to his side of the table and he pulled me down onto his lap. “Last night was amazing darlin’ but you need to know Jon and I, we haven’t…, well let’s just say it’s been a lot of years since we engaged in activities together like we did last night.” I looked at him, “I never have Richie. Last night was a first for me. You and Jon made my very favorite fantasy come true last night. Thank you.” I kissed his cheek and stood, “I should probably get out of here. I’m sure you have more important things to do today than sit here and make small talk with me.” He grabbed my hand, “at least let me call you a cab. You’re car isn’t here, you rode with us last night, remember?” I nodded, that was one car ride I would never forget.

As we waited we chatted quietly, not wanting to wake Jon. When the concierge called to let us know that my cab was here Richie walked me to the door, kissing me gently. He seemed reluctant for me to leave but I knew I couldn’t stay. “Bye Stephanie darlin’. I hope we meet again.” I kissed his cheek, “you never know Rich, we just might.” I left him staring after me, wondering, I hoped, at my parting words.

I had tickets for a show the following week, again front row. This Cinderella story may not be over yet.